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the pond's
last sliver of ice -
alleluia of peepers

- Evelyn Lang
haiku   -   a Japanese verse form of three unrhymed lines of
                 5-7-5 syllables respectively, usually on some
                 subject in nature. Western versions of haiku may be   more lax in the number or placement of syllables.
nature -   natural scenery, and the plants and animals in it.
haibun  -  prose in terse style by a haiku poet, including one
 or two haiku.
triptych -  a three panelled painting, carving, or written work.
broadside -  a large sheet of printed paper, with or without
chop   -  a small stone or bamboo seal carved with Chinese    or Japanese characters, dipped in red paste or ink,
              traditionally used in sumi-e paintings.
       translates  "big boots, narrow path"
                stone chop by Lily ai
               haiku by Robin White