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October Stone Journal
       by Evelyn Lang
    First Printing, 2005
       60 pages     $15
                 Wild Pond
              Seasonal Haiku
              by Evelyn Lang
           First Printing, 1999
         Japanese Brush Paintings
                by Robin White     
                38 pages    $5
rattle of sleet
iris pods still
holding their seed
       14 haiku
   by Robin White
2nd Printing, 2008
  triptych    $2.50
    hut to hut
a hiker's haiku
 by Robin White
1st Printing, 2009
  triptych   $2.50
      12 haiku
  by Robin White
1st printing, 2009
  triptych   $2.50
              Spiritus Sanctus
A haibun on abbess, artist, herbalist                 Hildegard von Bingen
                by Robin White
              1st Printing,  2009
- Evelyn Lang